Nienke Ideler and Thomas Beernink succeeded by Bas van Gerwen as members of the Eurapco Lab Core Innovation Team.

Nienke and Thomas served as Innovation Managers, assigned by Achmea. During their time as an Innovation Managers and CIT team members, they focused on testing and validating new products, technologies, services, and business offerings to challenge the existing insurance industry, whilst leveraging the skills and capabilities of the partner companies and following trends and identifying innovation actions.

Nienke and Thomas: In the past year as members of the CIT we experienced and learned a lot and had a great time. One of the main things we learned is: If you view a situation in your own country from an international perspective, you will see new opportunities and concepts that otherwise you would have never found. That is the value Eurapco delivers! 

About Bas

Bas van Gerwen has been at Achmea for seven years, working in different roles within IT and change management. He is experienced in agile ways of working, project management, and event management. Bas has been involved with Eurapco for several years through his board role within Young Achmea, and has organized several hackathons, as well as the Digital Young Eurapco Tour in 2021.

In September 2022, Bas joined the Eurapco Lab and the Core Innovation Team, replacing Hampus. He will be working together with the rest of the team on exploration, ideation, concept development, and validation activities.

Bas van Gerwen: I am honored to represent Achmea in the Core Innovation Team and I look forward to making my contribution to the Eurapco network. Working in an international environment has always been a dream of mine. As a pragmatic idealist, I hope to find new ways of providing value to both customers and companies that ensure a strong future position for all parties involved.

 We would like to thank Nienke and Thomas for their commitment to moving the Eurapco Lab forward and welcome Bas to the Team. We wish them success in their new roles!