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Eurapco Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are usually set on a computer when you visit a website. Cookies can also be used in mobile applications and therefore the use of cookies is not only limited to websites. Cookies can be used for various purposes, for example, to enable the functioning of the website and to create analytical information. Cookies can be divided, on a general level, to cookies that are strictly necessary and those that are optional. Strictly necessary cookies are such cookies that enable the proper functioning of a website and without these cookies access to certain sections of a website could not be delivered. Optional cookies, oppositely, are set by a website owner or by a third party service provider on behalf of the website owner to serve a certain additional purpose which is not necessary for the functioning of the website.

What cookies does Eurapco use and for what purposes?

You accept the use of cookies on Eurapco’s website/application by continuing the use of our website and/or application. Eurapco uses cookies that are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of Eurapco’s website and mobile application. If a user decides to deactivate these cookies the appropriate functioning of the website and/or mobile application may be endangered in some circumstances.

The third party services providers of Eurapco gather analytical information that is used to develop and improve Eurapco’s website and application. Analytical information is gathered e.g. about how users move around Eurapco’s website/application and how many visitors the website/application has on a daily basis. The cookies that are used to gather the analytics are not used to identify any individuals but rather to provide aggregated analytical information in order to develop and improve the user experience of Eurapco’s website and application. Based on the analytical information, Eurapco can know e.g. that which articles are of interest for the website visitors and which sections of the website interest the users the most.

Cookies are also used for customization and functionality purposes that are detailed below in the table. For the sake of clarity Eurapco does not use any tracking or advertisement targeting cookies.

The table below indicates that what categories of cookies Eurapco is using and for which purposes. Additionally, the table indicates the types and the retention periods of the cookies that are used.

Category of cookies



Retention period

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the effective functioning of the website and application. It would be impossible or more burdensome to use certain areas of our website and application without enabling the aforementioned cookies.

First party cookies

The cookies are deleted once the website is closed. (session)

As an exemption the retention period is a year for cookies that keep track of browser screen size (persistent).

Analytical cookies

These cookies gather information e.g. about how users move around our website/application, how many times our application has been downloaded, which articles are read the most, the amount of website visitors and application users per day, duration of the visit etc. Eurapco needs to collect this data to improve and develop its website and application. Eurapco wants to guarantee the best possible user experience for its website visitors and application users.

Third party cookies

Maximum retention period is 2 years (persistent).

Customization cookies

The cookies are used to customize your view of the website’s interface. The purpose of the cookie is to facilitate your use of the website and application.

First party cookies

The cookies are deleted once the website is closed (session).

Functionality cookies

The cookies are used to store the display of internal information banners. These cookies facilitate e.g. your access to restricted areas.

First party cookies

Maximum retention period is 1 day (persistent).

Third party service providers

Eurapco uses Google Analytics, an analysis service offered by Google, to create analytical information. Google Analytics is used by a large number of companies to create analytical information about websites. Without collecting cookies analytical information could not be gathered or created. Google may also transmit the information to its processors/sub-processors under contractual arrangements and it may have to disclose information to other entities when it is legally obliged to do so. You can deactivate the Google Analytics cookies by downloading the opt-out browser add-on from the following link The opt-out browser add-on will prevent Google Analytics from creating analytical information. Google Firebase, which is also a service offered by Google, uses cookies to create aggregated analytical information e.g. about the number of active users, session duration, how regularly the application is visited and to create analytics of push notifications etc. You can find more information about how Google collects and uses data from the following link

Eurapco’s third party service providers provide the data to Eurapco in an aggregated anonymized form and the analytical information is only used to improve and develop Eurapco’s website and application. Internet Protocol addresses may also be processed by the third party service providers in the course of creating the analytics but they will anonymize the information. This information is used to create aggregated analytical information about e.g. the number of website visitors, duration of browser session and from which geographical areas website visitors usually come from. Eurapco has no interest or aim to link the analytical information to any specific individual and data will be never processed for identification purposes.

How to manage cookies?

You can control, deactivate and delete cookies by changing your browser settings. The manner by which you can deactivate and delete cookies is dependent on the specific browser that you are using. You can also opt-out from receiving push notifications from your mobile device settings. If you do not allow the use of cookies some important features may disappear and you may not be able to use our website/application as such an effective way in some circumstances. The exact way on how to deactivate cookies may vary based on the browser version that you are using. We advise you to seek guidance from the guidelines that most of the search engine providers have created for their end-users in relation to managing cookies. You can also find more information from the links below that we have provided as examples of the respective guidelines.

MacOS Safari

You can find detailed guidance from the link on how to change your cookie settings on your browser:

Google Chrome

You can find detailed guidance from the link on how to change your cookie settings on your browser:

Internet explorer

You can find detailed guidance from the link on how to change your cookie settings on your browser:

Additional information

We consider the careful and safe handling of personal data to be of prime importance.

This policy can be adapted & changed from time to time. Once we update our cookie policy we will notify you about it on our website in a clear and transparent way. Current version is 1.6.

If you have any questions about cookies or their use you can contact us by sending an email to