Nicole Nebelung joins the Eurapco Lab Innovation Team

We would like to welcome Nicole Nebelung as a new member of the Eurapco Lab Innovation Team. With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. In this article, we will get to know her better and learn about her background, what motivates her, and what she expects to gain from this experience at Eurapco. 

Nicole has worked in various roles in the insurance industry with a wide variety of responsibilities. She has managed departments in the private customer business and has also been responsible for setting up a digital factory. With her extensive experience, Nicole has gained a good insight into the business and understands its needs. Building cross-functional teams and working in an agile environment are some areas of her expertise that are helpful in creating added value in the Innovation Lab. 

Nicole is motivated by meaningful work that makes a good contribution to society. She loves new challenges and the freedom and autonomy to complete her tasks. On top of this, personal development is an essential part of her work, and she seeks out opportunities to grow professionally. Outside of work, Nicole is very involved in honorary offices. She has been engaged in the topic “Digitalization in school” which relates to her work and has participated in various working groups and workshops for teachers. Giving back to society and creating value is essential to her. 

Nicole loves spending time in nature and taking daily walks with her dog. It is a great way to clear her head and make space for new ideas. She also enjoys playing tennis with her family, as it allows them to spend time together. 

In the Eurapco Innovation Lab, Nicole is looking forward to gaining valuable experience by working on a European level with different cultural aspects. She hopes to create value for her company and to be an asset to Eurapco with her knowledge and expertise. Having fun and cooperating with her colleagues in the lab also plays an important role for her. 

In conclusion, Nicole’s extensive experience and expertise in the insurance industry, along with her motivation for meaningful work and personal development, make her a valuable addition to the team. With her involvement in honorary offices, she also brings a sense of social responsibility and a desire to create value. We wish her all the best in her new role and look forward to seeing the contributions she makes to the Eurapco Innovation Lab.