New ideas stream for the Eurapco Lab innovation funnel

Zurich, 09 August 2021

Eurapco Lab put into play a way-of-working which enables the Eurapco Partners to find interesting topics for joint exploration and validation in the domain of Private Lines. After carefully considering different topics of interest such as new business models, digitalisation, sustainability, the impact of Covid-19 on travel and SME, the participants decided to focus the Ideation Phase first on the theme of Safe Home & Living. 

The joint ideation on Safe Home & Living will explore how to become more relevant to customers by offering an increased number of value-added services. Potential sub-topics will cover how to enable seniors to live safely and independently at home for longer and how to help customers prevent adverse incidents from occurring in and around their homes. 

Paul Breeuwer, Sr. Programme Manager Innovation at the Eurapco Lab emphasised that the virtual meetings held for the purpose of selecting topics in the Private Lines-, Health- and other domains give the Eurapco Partners the ability to jointly collaborate and share knowledge in areas that are of maximum relevance to them. “Such initiatives reaffirm our commitment to supporting Eurapco Partners by involving them in the entire process from the selection of topics for exploration to their execution.”  

Dirlene Lopez

Marketing and Communication Specialist