Luigi Pio Damato succeeded by Matteo Vassallo as a member of the Eurapco Lab Core Innovation Team

Luigi served for almost 3 years as an Innovation Manager within the Eurapco Innovation Lab, assigned by Reale Group. During his time, he focused on testing and validating new products, technologies, services, and business offerings to challenge the existing insurance industry, and internal business departments of the Alliance as well.

Luigi“In the past years as a member of the Eurapco Innovation Lab I have had the opportunity to be involved a lead the creation of an international innovation lab. This has been an amazing experience that allowed me to be fully involved within an international and multicultural environment in a privileged position between the local companies and the Eurapco Alliance umbrella. I’m quite confident that the best of this project is still yet to come, and this is the reason why I wish good luck to the current and forthcoming Team” 

About Matteo Vassallo 

Matteo has been at Reale Group for years, working as a Customer Experience Specialist both in Europe and South America. He is experienced in Customer Experience, Agile Methodology and Data Analysis. In February 2023, Matteo will join the Eurapco Innovation Team, replacing Luigi Pio Damato. He will be working together with the rest of the team on exploration, ideation, concept development, and validation activities.

Matteo: “I am honored to represent Reale Group in the Eurapco Innovation Team and I look forward to doing all my best for contributing to create value for Reale and the Eurapco Alliance. Working in an international environment has always been a dream of mine.  As an innovator with a startupper mindset, I hope to find and develop new ideas to improve the customers, employees, and all main stakeholders’ experiences”. 

We would like to thank Luigi for their commitment to moving the Eurapco Lab forward and welcome Matteo to the Team. We wish them success in their new roles!