Jutta Joffell was succeeded by Pasi Korhonen as a member of the Eurapco Lab Innovation Team.

Jutta was part of the Eurapco Lab Innovation team for almost two years as a LocalTapiola representative. She will end her assignment at the end of the year and at the same time says farewell to the whole finance branch and starts new challenges in 2023. As a customer experience expert, Jutta worked with several innovation initiatives, exploring and testing new concepts. Especially she loved gaining information from customer insight with interviews and customer data.

Jutta: “Being part of the Pan-European Innovation team has a special significance for LocalTapiola. Innovation activities in the home company are done on a relatively small scale, focusing more on short-term innovation. That is why our work in Innovation Lab is very valuable as the lab’s work reaches out for a longer time perspective. It has been highly motivating to work together with the group of innovation experts – to learn, to challenge each other, and to create value.”  

About Pasi

Pasi has been at LocalTapiola Group for over 5-years, working as a Chief Specialist in Business Development and Innovation. He is experienced in Damage prevention, Design thinking, IoT, Product ownership, Digital twins, Innovation leadership, Partner networking, and Customer Experience. In January 2023, Pasi will join the Eurapco Innovation Team, replacing Jutta Joffel. He will be working together with the rest of the team on exploration, ideation, concept development, and validation activities.

Pasi: “I am truly honored to be chosen and represent LocalTapiola in the Eurapco Innovation Team. Working in an international environment has been everyday life for me already quite some time, but to really look at the opportunities and challenges of the future of the insurance industry together with fellow-minded international teams all across Europe is a dream come true.    I’m really passionate about learning new things and skills – not to leave out my natural interest in technology. What really hope to learn and achieve from this next two-year period, is to learn more constructed manners on innovation leadership and build up and of course, start bringing the joy and the benefits of innovation culture into our dear home company LocalTapiola.  

We would like to thank Jutta for their commitment to moving the Eurapco Lab forward and welcome Pasi to the Team. We wish them success in their new roles!