Fabio Bortone was succeeded by Federico Bragagia as a Eurapco Project Manager representing Reale Group

Fabio was part of the Eurapco Team for three years as a representative for Reale Group. His assignment ends in February, and he is rejoining Reale Mutua as Innovation Manager focused on Mobility and SME from March 2023. During his assignment, Fabio was supporting the Customer Centricity Community by the reshape of the main Group and the stimulation of knowledge exchanges/ synergies between the Partners of the Alliance. Moreover, he even led the Limoncello Project by coordinating the implementation of 3 MVPs related to specific digital customer journey use cases

Fabio: â€śI am grateful for this extraordinary opportunity to leave the comfort zone and further develop my personal as well as professional skills in an international environment. The Eurapco assignment gave me even the chance to explore new topics and trends that might be useful for Reale Mutua in the upcoming future. I can really recommend such an experience to anyone who wants to think out of the box and gain experience in an international environment.” 

About Federico Bragagia

Federico has been at Reale Group for three years, working as a Risk Management Specialist for the Non-Life and Default Risk Unit. During the last 3 years he developed strong technical experience in Internal Models for Non-Life Insurance companies, Data Quality activities, and Regulation supervisory reporting. He also worked in one of Italy’s top consulting firms in which he could also develop his set of soft skills and had the opportunity to work as a Project Manager for some strategical projects.

In March 2023, Federico will join the Eurapco Team, as a Project Manager, replacing Fabio Bortone. He will be working together with the rest of the team focusing on Actuarial and Risk Management Groups especially.

Federico: â€śSince I was a child I wanted to experience living in a different country and get to know different cultures. This international pulse has always been driving my decisions and I am truly honored to have pursued this dream and made it a reality within the Eurapco Team! 

I believe myself as a well-organized professional that loves to empathize with his clients/colleagues in order to meet their desires and help them satisfy their needs. Working in multicultural environments brings the best out of me since I am always curious and looking out for different and new approaches to life and work. 

I have already experienced the mission of being part of a project management team and the responsibilities that come with it, but I know that the best is yet to come!  

In these next three years I, wish to strengthen and develop my skills at 360 degrees and this seemed the perfect opportunity that suited my needs. I wish also to grasp every little bit of this working environment and its culture and transfer it back to my colleagues of Reale Group, to help them better understand the opportunities and advantages of working within this Alliance.” 

We would like to thank Fabio for his commitment to moving the Eurapco Alliance forward and welcome Federico to the Team. We wish them success in their new roles!