Transforming Health: The Eurapco Wellbeing Lab

Health is a vast area with many building blocks and challenges. Through collaboration and focus on a broader demographic we aim to take steps towards enhancing health and wellbeing on a larger scale.   

Eurapco Health Group: Shaping Tomorrow’s Health Landscape 

Over the years, the Eurapco Health group has been working on numerous projects that have successfully addressed pressing health challenges and provided value for the Eurapco partners bringing new insights, learnings and solutions. From combatting lifestyle-related diseases to integrating cutting-edge telemedicine technologies, our journey has provided impactful solutions towards the research and joint projects, such as 1Hand, the Wellbeing platform, Selfie Health, and the Healthy Living Test.  

We are currently advancing our efforts to generate value, emphasizing solutions that are collaboratively developed and easily scalable across Europe. Simultaneously, we are working on establishing a joint Wellbeing Lab on the European level. This revolves around a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, crafting solutions tailored to diverse European landscapes, ensuring widespread impact and heightened efficacy. Our goal is to enrich Eurapco partners and their customers with unparalleled value.   

Innovations on the Horizon: Empowering Minds and Workplaces   

The Wellbeing Lab acknowledges the pivotal role leadership and culture play in nurturing the mental health of employees. Following this intensively working on innovative and revolutionary solutions, such as MoodMirror, an app empowering individuals to understand and manage their mental state, or the Well at Work Monitor, a platform empowering employers to enhance workplace wellbeing.  We do this because we see how important leadership and culture are for the mental health of employees. 

Our mission transcends mere solutions; it’s about cultivating positive, thriving cultures for organizations to flourish. Join us in shaping a future where health isn’t just a concept—it’s a lifestyle.