First online peer seminar on agile working

Zurich, 10 November 2020

On 14 October, Eurapco and la Mobilière ran an online Agile/SAFe Peer Seminar following on successful meetings hosted by Achmea and several bilateral exchanges across the Alliance in 2018 and 2019.

In today’s insurance market, the expectation of having a fast and adaptive organisation is highly attractive. Unsurprisingly, Agile and SAFe are some of the hottest topics for knowledge exchange within the Alliance. To delve into this subject, we asked la Mobilière experts to share their experiences and best practices in Agile Portfolio Management and Agile Leadership with the rest of the Alliance.

The seminar was moderated by Ivan Lippa, Sr. Programme Manager Business Development at Eurapco, and Stefan Kocher, Head of ICT strategy and ICT processes at la Mobilière, who briefly introduced the agenda and topics of the day. Subsequently, participants from Eurapco Partners presented a short description of their Agile transformation journey so far.

After a short break, the hosts took centre stage with experts Marco Liechti and Gaby Frischknecht from la Mobilière sharing their insights on Agile Portfolio Management and Agile Leadership. More specifically, Marco focused on how scaling Agile requires changes in governance to successfully adapt in a manageable way and on why scaling up to Lean Portfolio Management is a challenge for some companies. Gaby Frischknecht, on the other hand, shared her opinion on Agile Leadership and emphasised why she believes Agile leaders must do more than support the transformation: they must actively lead the change and participate in and guide the activities to optimise the flow of value through the enterprise.

After the session, a participant, Markus Dirfmark from Länsförsäkringar, commented, “The statements of all the speakers have proved the importance of educating ourselves and helping other leaders understand the values, principles and best practices of the agile methodology. Agile can increase productivity by creating a more responsive, efficient and effective way of working”. “We were pleased to have a variety of speakers and participants from the Eurapco Partners, openly sharing their experience with the audience”, added Maurizio Naitana from Reale Group.

The virtual seminar was very well rated by the 80 participants who joined the experience reaching an NPR of 9+. Thanks to the success of the first edition, the next online Peer Seminar is already being planned for January 2021.


If you work for one of the Eurapco Partner companies and are interested in participating, don’t hesitate to contact Ivan Lippa at


Dirlene Lopez

Marketing and Communication Specialist