Aleksandar Atanasovski succeeded by Hélène Pasquini as a member of the Eurapco Lab Innovation Team

Aleksandar was part of the Eurapco Lab Innovation Team for one year as a representative for La Mobilière. His assignment ended at the end of last year and he rejoined La Mobilière after the Christmas holidays as a product developer for cyber services. During this challenging year, where Eurapco Lab has changed and evolved both in terms of staff and organisation, Aleksandar has worked on exciting, innovative ideas such as Agritech and intelligent farming, Metaverse or Web3, and digital assets.

Aleksandar: “I am grateful for this extraordinary opportunity to leave the comfort zone and further develop my personal as well as professional skills in an international environment. The Eurapco Lab Innovation Team is an ideal complement to La Mobilière’s existing innovation activities, especially for early explorations on new topics and trends. I can really recommend such an assignment to anyone who wants to think out of the box and gain experience in an international environment.”

About Hélène Pasquini 

Hélène has been at La Mobilière Life for over two years, working as an agile Epic Owner in the Innovation, Process and Transformation department. She is an IT engineer (EPFL) experienced in Project Management, Market & Corporate Finance, Cloud, Healthtech and Fintech. In March 2023, Hélène will join the Eurapco Innovation Team, replacing Aleksandar Atanasovski. She will be working together with the rest of the team on exploration, ideation, concept development, and validation activities.

Hélène: “I am truly honored to represent La Mobilière in the Eurapco Innovation Team for the next two years. In my career, I was fortunate to gather experience in both big corporations and start-ups, and to explore diverse mindsets by working in Europe, Asia and the US. I hope to bring my expertise in identifying new opportunities and challenges for the insurance industry together with my fellow minded international team across Europe.    I’m passionate about technology but also about the financial aspect of projects, and how to bring value to both the clients and the companies. I am the happiest when I see projects come to life and become successful business stories. The thought of being at the forefront of technological advancement and shaping the future fills me with a sense of anticipation and excitement.”

We would like to thank Aleksandar for their commitment to moving the Eurapco Lab forward and welcome Hélène to the Team. We wish them success in their new roles!