Selfie Health Update

With so many services making the switch from face-to-face contact to online, the idea that the latest technological advances will also make their mark in the field of Telemedicine is a no-brainer. Awareness of the priorities of potential users is key to the acceptance of such platforms, begging the question: What are the main hurdles and drivers of success when implementing this technology?

What is the project’s aim?   

The Selfie Health project explores digital technologies using a selfie video from a smartphone to measure ‘health markers’ (heart rhythm, variance, blood pressure, cardiovascular risks, stress, etc.). The technology is relatively new & unique, with the potential to help Partners enhance their digital health capabilities. It can be applied in telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, wellness apps (consumer & employer), life insurance, elderly care and so on.

How does It work?  

Selfie Health is the perfect telemedicine tool because it allows the measurement of several patient parameters, which would be impossible to tell from a standard video teleconsultation.

30 seconds is all it takes to determine the heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, respiration, stress levels and several health risks (Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes). All this is possible with a unique device: your own smartphone.

 Selfie Health launched one year ago, where are we now?  

Up until now, there have been over 22,000 evaluations made by over 4000 unique users. A big milestone for Selfie Health is to fully be integrated into the Caser Salud app soon.

Customer research shows that Selfie Health provokes positive reactions of surprise and generates curiosity. The customers perceive Selfie Health as unique, and innovative and feel that it’s more advanced than other applications on the market.  

Caser is currently adding more measurements to the app in order to link it to the prevention programs.

In 2023 the Eurapco partners will be exploring the integration of self-measurements with telemedicine and by doing so is looking into potential scaleups to other partners and/or technologies.