Manuel Valle was succeeded by Sara de Pablo as a Eurapco Project Manager representing Caser

Manuel was part of the Eurapco Team for two years as a representative for Caser. His assignment ends in March. During these two years, in the middle of the pandemic, where Eurapco has changed and evolved both in terms of staff and organization, Manuel has worked on exciting, innovative ideas such as Telematics, Quantum Computation, Risk Management Framework.

Manuel: “I am grateful for this extraordinary opportunity to leave the comfort zone and further develop my personal as well as professional skills in an international environment. I have managed the Eurapco Non-Life and Risk Management Groups from which I have been able to learn the hot and latest new topics and trends in the insurance industry. I can really recommend such an assignment to anyone who wants to think out of the box and gain experience in an international environment.” 

About Sara de Pablo

Sara has been at Caser for over seven years, working as a Marketing and Communication Specialist. She is experienced in Communication and Marketing strategy as well as Public Relations.

In March 2023, Sara will join the Eurapco Team, as a Project Manager, replacing Manuel Valle. She will be working together with the rest of the team on digital ways of working through the related working groups like the Agile one.

Sara: “I am truly honored to be chosen and represent Caser during this international experience. I am really looking forward to having new opportunities and challenges of the future of insurance industry together with fellow minded international team all across the Europe is a dream come true.   

I am really passionate about learning new topics and skills – not to leave out the natural interest in communication. What really hope to learn and achieve from these upcoming two years is to learn more creative ways of working and bring them back to my home company Caser.”   

We would like to thank Manuel for his commitment to moving the Eurapco Alliance forward and welcome Sara to the Team. We wish them success in their new roles!